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Apparel Design

Last Edited:
Various apparel design samples. Some of these are just mockups and not actually printed (yet).
  • Shirt design for Paint the Stars - should be available to purchase this summer.
  • Pyknic Clothing - Buy the shirt at
  • Another view of the Pyknic Shirt
  • Tears Fall Upon My Face - Approved design for Jedidiah Clothing - I'm still not sure when these will be available for sale, if ever. 
  • This shirt now says "Bold is Beautiful" vote/buy it here:
  • Bridge and Tunnel - by this shirt here
  • Mose Giganticus - you can buy this shirt if you catch him on tour. - although the actual printed shirt ended up smaller and less detailed unfortunately.
  • Deliver Me From All the Madness - Approved design for Jedidiah Clothing  - I'm still not sure when these will be available for sale, if ever. 
  • The shirt now reads "Close your eyes and try to see" - not available to purchase yet
  • Approved design for Bring Me the Horizon - Shirt not available for purchase yet.
  • Korn - approved design.  Buy it here
  • A Wilhelm Scream shirt design
  • Ozzfest shirt design - this was not approved unfortunately.  They said it was too "Slayer" and not "Ozzy" enough.  If you think this would work for your band or clothing company, hit me up, I can easily take swap your band logo in.
  •  Radical - This design is not printed and is available for purchase.  If you're a clothing company who wants to buy it, email me.
  • Hard Rock Cafe shirt - I don't know where you can purchase this if it's printed.

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