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Bolshevik Revolution!

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David Matellanes done fashion photography and advertising bringing us a somewhat particular. His photographs evoke dreamy ambiences, mysterious and alluring us into a world full of feeling, all through a very intimate and personal look. His dedication it takes to get involved from start to finish in each of your creative projects, enjoying the different times and always with the aim to convey their emotions. Credits Russian Revolution! -Photography David Matellanes -Art & Image Direction David Matellanes Susana Banderas - First Model Romina Belluscio -Second Model July Ladagnous -Cast in order of appearance -Young boyfriend and soldier Dan Diego -Peasant Sara Failde -Street Urchin Violeta Matellanes -First soldier Guillermo Albadalejo -Second soldier Carlos Perez -Stretcher bearer Antonio Mulero Daniel Piqueras -Stretcher wounded soldier Carlos Failde -Wounded soldier Daniel Piqueras -Nurses Romina Belluscio July Ladagnous -Bolshevik Guillermo Albadalejo -Worker Daniel Piqueras -Peasant David Garcia -Second peasant Macarena Torres -Stylist Sandra Espinosa -Make up Javier Murgoitio -Assistant Photography Jorge Conesa de Lara Carlos Perez -Assistant Stylist Irantzu Ortiz -Assistant Make up Laura Pico -Assistant Production Ray Solans -Set Decorator Luis de la Mata -Storyboard Susana Banderas -Post-Production David Matellanes Yolanda de Santos Patrizio Busti -Graphic Projet Artworks -Making of Macarena Torres -Produced David Matellanes Estudio Special Thanks to Romy, July, Guillermo, Dani, Tete, Carlos, Sara, Violeta, David, Macarena, Ray, Ales, Nico, Pato, My Parents, Duque, Loshada, Capitan Morgan, Monic,Eugenio, and Yolanda for patience I would like to thank Jorge Conesa for his great work in this production, and specially Susana Banderas for her confidence, support and assistance at all times.
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    Bolshevik Revolution!
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