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A Celebration & Theatrical display of Colour & Bespoke Mens Style. Originally the basis of the concept was to intensify the overwhelming richness of colours in the clothing and it seemed an obvious choice to contrast this with African models dark black skin. Most people would not look at these clothes and think of them as everyday attire. As the production developed we realized there was a much more important reason we had chosen to use African models. Because these Vibrant Italian suits, dare you to be bold. They embrace your confidence to stand out from the crowd. Possibly deeply rooted in their ethnic heritage African people probably feel more comfortable to show this of Style. So a whole new debate arose around this after we had shot the story . Have we lost our sense of individuality in this country ? Is this due to the ease and convenience of buying mass produced clothes these days ? Or do the powers to be continually tell us how we should conform to society rather than express your unique identity ? There is probably truth in all these arguments and fashion is just one way, in which we can choose to display our creativity . Recently statistics revealed Whitechapel Road was the most ethnically diverse area in the UK. Certainly visiting the bustling market can easily give you the sense of being transported somewhere more exotic, even on a cold and grey London day. To a degree we wanted to play on this game of Deception in respect of our choice of location. The abstract nature this environment, it could be anywhere a shanty town in Africa or an underground nightclub in Marrakech,but you can look good in this fashion wherever you are. The illustrative collage style in which we have chosen to display the final images not only focused on the exquisite detail within the clothing but relives the exuberant fantasy when we look at these otherwise quite serene pictures of where we might be. Fashion & Creative Director : Fillipo La Bruna Casting DIrector : Tom North Production : David Powell

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