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La Maga

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Project Info

    Creative Direction: Melisa Osorio Bonifaz
    Photographer: Michael Preis
    Stylist: Verena Gralert
    Stylist Assistant: Shay Baker
    Hair: Shannon Wall
    Makeup: Hope Choman
    Model: Florence @ MC2

    "Would I find La Maga? Most of the time it was just a case of my putting in an appearance, going along the Rue de Seine to the arch leading into the Quai de Conti, and I would see her slender form against the olive-ashen light which floats along the river as she crossed back and forth on the Pont des Arts, or leaned over the iron rail looking at the water. It was quite natural for me to climb the steps to the bridge, go into its narrowness and over to where La Maga stood. She would smile and show no surprise, convinced as she was, the same as I, that casual meetings are apt to be just the opposite, and that people who make dates are the same kind who need lines on their writing paper, or who always squeeze up from the bottom on a tube of toothpaste."

    Julio Cortazar, "Hopscotch"
    Chapter 1
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